Strong kiinteä laitehylly tuulettuvalla sokealevyllä, 1U

Product number: SR-SHELF-HV-1U

Kiinteä laitehylly tuulettuvalla sokealevyllä mahdollistaa laitteiden asentamisen hyllylle, mutta silti tuulettuvan peitelevyn taakse piiloon. Maksimi kuorma: 11kg. Koko: 1U. Väri: musta

SR-SHELF-HV-1U – Using this vented, hidden shelf you now have the ability to easily install and hide all those little pieces that just don’t play nice in normal rack locations. Sure you could also use Velcro, tape or ”spent” bubble-gum, but this little guy gives you a strong, permanent place to install Apple TV’s, baluns, RF receivers, you name it!