Strong laitehylly HDBT-tuotteille ja AV-tarvikkeille, 3U

Product number: SR-SHELF-MDEXTR

Laitehylly HDBT-tuotteille ja pienemmille AV-laitteille, kuten HDMI-kytkimille, HDMI-jakajille, audiopurkajille, D/A-muuntimille ja vastaaville laitteille. Tilaa noin kahdeksalle (8) laitteelle. Koko: 3U. Väri: musta.

SR-SHELF-MDEXTR – Designed by installers, for installers! This 3U accessory shelf is the perfect companion to our matrix switchers – giving you the ability to mount up to 8 assorted media extenders on a single shelf in the back of the rack. Of course, you can also use it to install IR blocks, wireless transmitters or just about any compact accessory!


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