Strong laitekaappiin asnnettava vetolaatikko, 2U

Product number: SR-DRAWER-2U

Laitekaappiin asennettava lukittava vetolaatikko tarvikkeiden säilytystä varten. Laatikon takaosassa läpivienti kaapeleita varten. Koko: 2U. Väri: musta.

SR-DRAWER-2U – Every rack could use a drawer – DVDs, remotes, game controllers, 3D glasses… where else are you going to put all that stuff? These drawers feature ball bearing slides that provide a smooth roll, and a lock to keep your valuables secure. Plus the face of these drawers sits flush with the rack for a clean and finished look, and we placed a black plastic pull directly in the center for easy opening. Size: 2U.