Strong projektoritelineen säädettävä jatkovarsi (33-50cm), musta

Product number: SM-ADJPOLE-M-BLK

Strong projektoritelineen kevytrakenteinen, mutta kestävä ja helposti säädettävä jatkovarsi (33-50cm). Väri: musta.

SM-ADJPOLE-M-BLK – Attractive, sturdy and lightning quick for one person to install, this adjustable extension pole is the perfect companion for our Strong™ Projector mounts, It’s lightweight, durable, and simple to use, allowing you to quickly set the height, manage the wires, and securely lock it into place. And all of this ease is complimented by the sleek look of the pole – a feature you and your customers will love. Color: Black.


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