Strong Razor sarjan kiinteä TV-teline 49-90” televisioille

Product number: SM-RR-F-XL

Razor sarjan kiinteä matalaprofiilinen TV-teline 40-80” televisioille. Kaapelointia helpottava seinätuki. VESA yhteensopiva. Painoraja: 56kg. Väri: musta.

SM-RR-F-XL – Strong Razor fixed mounts make TV installs cleaner and faster, all while being only 0.7″ off the wall for an ultra-sleek look. They offer enhanced strength with wider arms and a more rigid wall plate, as well as an improved locking mechanism with a greater contact area for improved stability. And with up to 3.5” of vertical post-install adjustment (2.85” for medium), the perfect install has never been easier. TV size: 49-90”.



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