Strong Razor sarjan kokoontaittuva TV-teline 22-50″ televisiolle

Product number: SM-RAZOR-ART1-M

SM-RAZOR-ART1-M – Perfect for mounting a smaller TV onto a single stud, the Strong™ Razor Articulating Single Arm Mount for Flat Panel TVs sits just 1.75″ off the wall to provide an elegant, low-profile solution. It features an easy-to-install, three-piece construction – meaning you don’t need a second person to hang it – and its curved, cast-aluminum Razor mount arms are not only lightweight and Strong™, but they look great too. This mount is full of custom AV and installer-friendly features like post-installation leveling, height, and tilt adjustments, this Razor mount makes your install thinner – and your life easier.

SM-RAZOR-ART1-M key features:

One Person Installation – Installing an articulating mount shouldn’t require three arms. That’s why this product features a smart 3-piece construction – wall bracket, arm assembly, and TV plate – so it can be installed by just one person. The cast aluminum arms are lighter and easier to handle, while still providing plenty of strength. Just secure the wall bracket, hang the arm assembly, and attach the TV plate.

Height – The height of the display can be adjusted +/- 3/8″ post-install, thanks to this handy vertical adjustment screw.

Leveling – Rest the TV plate on the arm assembly and roll it 4° left and right for fast and easy leveling. Once it’s perfect, just tighten the bottom screws.

Tilt – The arm assembly base plate has a tilt angle of -11° to +5°, making it easy to get the TV at the perfect viewing angle. No tool required.

Home Position Latch – Sometimes heavier TVs can creep or tilt away from the wall over time. To prevent this, our engineers designed an adjustable home position latch to snap the TV into place, and keep it there.

Integrated Wire Management – Keep your install neat and tidy thanks to the built-in wire management on this mount’s arm. Holes run along the top and bottom, providing ample spaces to hold wires securely in place with zip ties and Velcro®.

Easy Centering – A hole at the top allows you to drill in a sheetrock screw for temporary hanging, and the bracket offers multiple slots to fit a variety of stud patterns.

Low-Profile Design – Fully collapsed it sits 1.75″ off the wall, so it doesn’t add any unnecessary bulk. And when you pull it away from the wall, there’s no mess of wires or distracting bolts thanks to the all-black hardware and snap-in covers.

Smooth Motion – Swiveling up to 180 degrees and extending out from the wall just over 22-in., this mount moves fluidly with minimal force required.



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