Strong VersaBox asennuskotelo (8” x 14”), ABS muovi, valkoinen

Product number: SM-RBX-8-WH

Seinään upotettava kannellinen VersaBox asennuskotelo TV-telineiden taakse. Mahdollistaa aktiivilaitteiden sijoittelun ja asennuksen TV:n taakse myös matalaprofiilisten TV-telineiden kanssa. Koko: 8” x 14”. Jälkiasennettava. Materiaali: ABS-muovi. Väri: valkoinen.

SM-RBX-8-WH – Ultra-thin flat panels have met their match in the Strong 8” x 14” VersaBox™. This innovative product is the perfect companion to our RAZOR low-profile mounts. Constructed from durable ABS materials and engineered exclusively by SnapAV, this state-of-the-art box elegantly fits your equipment behind the TV. It offers space for tons of devices, Sonos®, our mini amp, power conditioner, and wireless sub transmitter – or it can be used for simple power/cable management. Completely customizable and incredibly easy to service, this product is changing the game when it comes to flat panel installations.



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