SY Electronics 4K 18 Gbps HDMI 2.0 skaalain EDID ja HDCP hallinnalla

Product number: SY-SE-10

4K 18 Gbps HDMI 2.0 Up/Down Scaler, Video Enhancer, extensive EDID manager, HDCP convertor/manager, Audio de-embedder, Test pattern generator (4K/1080p)

SE-10 Multi-function HDMI 2.0 Signal Conditioner for Diagnostic use and Permanent Install. This compact unit has 1x HDMI 18Gbps input, 1x HDMI 18Gbps output with De-embedded audio along with multiple features to help with nearly all scenarios involving a HDMI signal.

Key Features:
– Up and Down Scaling of 4K to and from 1080P.  Utilising a superior Video Enhancement Engine for the Up-Scaler, that outweighs may other dedicated scaler products. With the two additional HDBaseT modes you can optimise your 4K/1080P signal is maximised for a HDBT extender by ensuring the bandwidth is set to 10.2Gbps. 
– Signals can be tailored to suit all connected equipment by setting the DIP switches on the front panel of the unit or Via RS232. Various pre-set EDIDs are available including various HDR and Audio choices with the ability to store a custom EDID into a user pre-set memory location, along with an EDID bypass mode.
– Both 4K/30 and 1080p Colour Bar Test patterns.  Use it to verify the signal path and check the capability of the display. 
– Support and ‘Management of HDCP’ ensures compatibility, allowing you to control the HDCP. You can convert from HDCP 2.2 down to HDCP 1.4, or simply put the unit into Cascade Mode – Restore encryption signal blocking issues. Ideal for videowalls.
– Re-clocks the HDMI Signal
– Monitoring or verify the Audio signal.  Extract and route the audio feed to a separate amplifier or Matrix input.

Product manual