Triad 16×16 DSP audiomatriisi

Product number: TS-AMS16

TS-AMS16 – Designed to deliver high-resolution audio throughout the home up to 16 zones. Connect sources with stereo RCA, digital coax, or digital optical and use the stereo RCA outputs to deliver audio to multi-channel power amplifiers or AVRs. Use a speaker-level EQ as well as an additional room-level EQ for precise sound in any space. Additionally, the custom DSP engine built just for Triad and the improved 2.1 zone grouping feature allows for a full range of sound that delivers subtle details and exceptionally clear audio. And the added input and output audio delay make for a perfectly synchronized video performance. For the perfect integration, these Matrix Switches have OvrC support*, signal sensing on all inputs, and SDDP for easy Control4 integration.

*OvrC support coming soon

TS-AMS16 key features:

CUSTOM-BUILT DSP – Triad’s revamped high-resolution DSP (Digital Signal Processing) engine is engineered to allow finer adjustments to deliver the best sound. All inputs are capable of supporting up to 192kHz/24-bit audio to ensure you hear what the artist intended. Each zone has two parametric EQs—one for speaker-level EQ and one for room-level EQ, ensuring the best possible sound in every room. And when paired with Composer, you can see your sound adjustments in real-time for a rich audio experience.

UPGRADED 2.1 SOLUTIONS – True low pass filtering and adjustable crossover points provide seamless integration between speakers and subwoofers.

SOLVE AUDIO DELAYS – Eliminate lip-sync issues with both input and output audio delay when using the Triad Audio Matrix Switch to send audio from a video source.

SIGNAL SENSING – With built-in signal sensing on every input, it’s easy to automate audio throughout the project to make life simple for the customer.

OVRC COMPATIBILITY – Triad Audio Matrix Switches use our exclusive cloud management platform, OvrC. Using OvrC via C4 controller, you can perform reboots, monitor, and troubleshoot remotely.

EASY TO INTEGRATE – With IP control and SDDP for Control4 integration, Triad Audio Matrix Switches make for fast and simple integration.





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