TRIAD DA Series 2 malliston 6,5″ kattokaiutin

Product number: TS-IC62

Triad’s IC62 speaker offers homeowners the refined, musical quality of Triad speakers for their whole home. This speaker is built around a reinforced poly-mica woofer for superior bass and an aimable Tetoron-dome tweeter for a full, natural sound.

TS-IC62 key features:

Pivoting tweeter: With up to 10 degrees of movement, the pivoting tweeter delivers high-quality audio to the listener’s position and offers flexible installation options.

Poly-mica woofer: Mica-infused polypropylene offers a strengthened cone material with increased rigidity and a high stiffness-to-weight ratio—while still maintaining the dampening properties of a traditional polypropylene woofer.

Voice matched: All Distributed Audio Series 2 speakers are voice matched—allowing homeowners to mix and match speakers within the series to meet the needs of each room, while providing identical tonal qualities throughout the home.

Magnetic mounting: Low-profile frameless grills attach to the speaker with hidden neodymium magnets for fast installation and a snug fit.
Custom paint-matching is available.

Easy install: Using a tried-and-tested traditional Triad mounting system with reinforced threaded brass inserts, Distributed Audio Series speakers install in seconds and will stay snug to the mounting surface for the life of the system.
High-quality spring clamps make connecting speaker wires simple and quick, while the magnetic frameless grill fits flush to the mounting surface with ease. Additionally, the tweeter bridge doubles as a durable handle, making it easier to hold during installation.






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