Triad RackAmp 700 subwoofer vahvistin, 700W

Product number: 2700-1

Triad’s RackAmp 700 combines powerful Triad RackAmp DSP v2 technology with Class D performance and efficiency to provide superior bass. All RackAmps are designed to pair with Triad subwoofers exclusively to produce high impact, explosive bass with films as well as nuanced, detailed, and tuneful bass with music. You can hear the difference.

The RackAmp 700 delivers 700 Watts into a 4 ohm load of one standard Triad subwoofer. The RackAmp 700 provides three convenient set-up methods: Plug and Play mode, which delivers real-world high performance right out of the box; EZ Menu Set-up for even higher performance—with both 2-channel and home theater systems; and Advanced Computer Set-up the ultimate customization and sound tailoring.

RackAmp 700 key features:
– 700W (4 ohm) mono amplifier
– Easy to set up and control
– Low heat generation allows for stacking in a rack or cabinet
– Large front panel LCD display (with 3 position dimming) for easy control and set-up
– Preloaded DSP parameters for all Triad subwoofer models
– IR remote control included
– Output options include: RCA and XLR outputs with High-pass filtration and signal delay functionality
– Input options include: RCA, XLR, and Speaker level
– Compact and efficient—only 14 1/4” deep
– Rack friendly at only 1RU (rack ears included)
– EnergyStar compliant and energy efficient
– Five user selectable Preset Modes: Normal, Cinema, Night, User 1, User 2, User 3
– Intuitive Menus
– Changes are dynamic (hear them in real time) and auto saved

In addition to common menu functions, Installer Advanced Setup menu offers:

– Slope adjustments for all filters at 12, 24, and 48 dB/Octave
– Multiple Power On Methods: Auto-sense (Default), IR / IP, 12V Trigger, Manual On/Off
– Six (6) band parametric EQ with 3 User Preset positions for customization
– Digital delay time adjustability for use with multiple subs. Digital correction delivers greater definition and better performance



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