USB-C kaapeli, aktiivinen (AOC), 60W, 15m

Product number: CAB-USBC-15

The CAB-USBC-15 is an active optical USB-C to C cable capable of transmitting A/V and data 15m/49ft. USB data is rated up to Superspeed 5Gbps for fast file transfers or connecting USB 3.0 equipped devices such as conference cameras. The CAB-USBC-15 also supports Alt-Mode which allows 4K30 video to be transmitted from USB-C laptops or mobile devices. Pair this cable with a WyreStorm Apollo or presentation switcher to take advantage of the 60W power delivery so you can keep your device charged while you present.

CAB-USBC-15 key features:

SUPERSPEED – Rated for the USB 3.2 Gen1 Superspeed specification, transfer data at up to 5Gbps. Perfect for large file transfers or connecting high-speed USB devices such as 4K cameras including our Apollo VX20 video bar.

ALT-MODE – Alt-Mode adds A/V capability in addition to the USB data communication. Connect USB-C equipped laptops or mobile devices to send high resolution 4K video to a connected display or WyreStorm presentation switcher.

POWER DELIVERY – Capable of passing up to 60-watts to charge your personal device. A perfect companion to USB-C equipped WyreStorm solutions such as our UC Apollo products that integrate native PD.

SCREW-LOCK – A screw-lock connector is featured on one end of the cable. Great for ensuring the connection remains secure, especially in permanent installation scenarios such as conference rooms or education environments.



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