V300 sarjan 4MP Color at Night Turret IP-kamera

Product number: CLR-V300-4T28CN

This Performance Series Turret camera features a powerful Sony® Starvis™ 4MP image sensor with a 2.8 mm fixed lens and Color at Night viewing capabilities. The camera allows end-users to capture critical moments at impressive detail with a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1440p at 30 FPS.

The camera’s unique feature includes Color at Night capabilities which allows the camera to show full color in nighttime settings with the use of a warm white LED light. This feature allows for greater detail and color depth in nighttime settings compared to traditional IR cameras which produce a black and white image. The Color at Night feature is further enhanced with an F1.0 aperture lens that allows for greater sensitivity to light, helping to produce a clearer scene even when the LED light is turned off.

Additional features include True Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) which helps the camera produce quality images under challenging light conditions. This includes balancing and maintaining the image brightness, exposure, and contrast settings in day and nighttime scenes.

The camera can be used standalone with the ClareVision app using only the onboard 32 GB SD card or expanded into a larger video surveillance ecosystem using a multi-channel NVR. ClareVision cameras also work with ClareOne and Control4 platforms, allowing end-users to view live streams from their desired control panel or smart home app.

The camera’s unique turret form factor and IP67 rating allows for mounting virtually anywhere without having to worry about damage from weather elements, debris, or vandalism.

CLR-V300-4T28CN key features:

INCREDIBLE DETAIL IN LOW LIGHT – Color at Night cameras feature an F1.0 aperture lens which allows greater light intake helping to produce a clearer, colorful scene from ambient light sources.

WARM WHITE SUPPLEMENTAL LEDS; NOT IR – Color at Night Cameras feature supplemental and controllable warm white LEDs instead of IRs that can illuminate the scene to produce vivid color and enhance safety.

ADVANCED DETECTION – Performance series of cameras support multiple smart events and analytics, including intrusion, human body detection, line cross, loitering, and group detection, in addition to video tampering, alarm I/O, and regions of interest.

TRUE WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE – True WDR helps you adjust brightness settings for dimmer areas of the video, as well as compensating for shadowy areas of the image. This setting helps manage the lighting brightness, exposure, and contrast settings.

SD CARD SUPPORT – Included is a 32 GB micro SD card for local, onboard video storage which can be accessed at any time using the ClareVision App. The SD card can be upgraded up to 512 GB, removing the need for traditional NVR configurations.

CLAREVISION APP – ClareVision cameras and NVRs can be used in standalone configurations with the use of the ClareVision app. The app allows users to view live video feeds, review recordings, and manage their cameras on both iOS and Android devices.

UNIFIED CLARE ECOSYSTEM – ClareVision cameras can be used as part of the ClareOne ecosystem. Live video streams can be viewed on both the ClareOne Wireless Security and Smart Home Panel, as well as the ClareHome app.

SUPPORTED BRANDS – ClareVision NVRs include support for ONVIF conformant devices, and feature support for Control4, Luma, and Legacy ClareVision.

POE SUPPORT – ClareVision cameras feature POE support, allowing the camera to be powered using a dedicated Ethernet cable connected to active POE ports on compatible NVRs.

SONY® STARVIS™ – This camera features the Sony® Starvis™ image sensor which allows it to produce high picture quality under low and difficult lighting conditions.

IMPROVED STORAGE EFFICIENCY – ClareVision cameras feature the H.265+ video encoding codec which allows for significantly improved storage efficiency over traditional encoding codecs.

CERTIFICATIONS – ClareVision cameras feature fully compliant with ETL/ETL-C, IC, CE, FCC, ROHS, and ONVIF S/T regulatory requirements.

NDAA COMPLIANT – ClareVision products meet the requirements of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), allowing the cameras and NVRs to be used in government projects.







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