Wirepath 42” asennuskaappi

Product number: WP-SW-PL-ENCL-42-1PK

Monipuolisesti muunneltavissa oleva 42” Wirepath asennuskaappi. Materiaali: UL luokiteltu ABS muovi. Väri: valkoinen.

WP-SW-PL-ENCL-42-1PK – Wirepath™ Plastic Enclosures are molded with UL Certified ABS plastic, eliminating Wi-Fi signal interference for a full ”internet in a box solution.” It also features a bottom knockout for 5-outlet drop-in WattBox® integration and several places on the back of the box for easy and versatile gear placement. Made of UL Certified ABS plastic, this enclosure ensures your customers get a strong Wi-Fi signal throughout the property by helping to minimize unwanted interference. Size: 42”.



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