4K@60 4:2:0 HDBaseT vastaanotin (2 x HDMI, 1 x HDBT), USB 2.0 läpiviennillä, 4K:100m

Product number: SW-515-RX


Powerful, next generation HDBaseT receiver compatible with WyreStorm’s presentation switcher platform, perfect for corporate meeting and classroom environments. Automatically switches between a remote source sent over HDBaseT and 2 local HDMI sources, all with USB device extension. CEC triggering and 3rd party device relays further contribute to a superior and autonomous presentation experience.

SW-515-RX key features:

4-INPUT SWITCHING EXTENDER – A new flagship in our PRO range and a first for our switching extenders, the EX-SW-0401-H2-PRO brings features of the H2 and PRO products into one powerful meeting space solution. Supporting USB routing to both HDMI and DP inputs, this extender accepts HDMI, DisplayPort and USB3.1c sources with a VGA +audio input for legacy devices. Proudly carrying the H2 moniker, it will support 4K content and even HDCP2.2 protected content.

ADDITIONAL RECEIVER INPUTS – When the meeting room is in an idle state, the receiver can switch to either of its HDMI inputs which can be used for anything from a signage player to a satellite receiver, keeping the screen active and displaying content. These inputs can also be triggered manually at any time should a Chromecast or AppleTV be fitted for screen mirroring.

TWO CONDITION-BASED RELAYS BUILT INTO RECEIVER – With autonomy in mind, this “meeting-room-in-a-box” can be configured to automatically trigger motorized devices within the room. The relays will open or close depending on the status of the transmitter, meaning that upon a source connection being made, the meeting room will come to life with projector screens appearing and window blinds closing.

USB 2.0 PASS-THROUGH – HDBaseT2.0 affords the addition of USB 2.0 pass-through, offering not only KVM functionality for extension of a keyboard/mouse or touchscreen but also full data transfer capabilities. Furthermore, allowing 2 host devices to be connected, the extender can route USB traffic depending on the currently selected source at the receiver.

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