NetworkHD 400 sarjan vastaanotin

Product number: NHD-400-E-RX

Lite 4K HDR JPEG 2000 PoE Decoder for Matrix & Video Wall function (up to 16×16)

WyreStorm brings stunning 4K HDR video, video resolution scaling, multi-channel audio and audio matrixing to IP with the NetworkHD 400 Series’ NHD-400-E-RX AVoIP decoder. The reduced cost Type E version removes some control ports but retains the 400 Series core features. Used in conjunction with any 400 Series encoder, the NHD-400-E-RX seamlessly handles mixed resolution sources, content and display devices for matrix and video wall functionality up to 16×16 with image rotation and bezel compensation.

Featuring incredibly low latency, the 400 Series is the ideal AV over IP solution for systems where high quality and low latency are key requirements, making it perfect for both residential and commercial applications.



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