Wyrestorm 8K/UHD 48Gbps aktiivinen optinen HDMI-kaapeli, 15m

Product number: CAB-HAOC-FRL-15

48Gbps 8K/60 HDR 4:4:4 Active Optical HDMI Cable | eARC, CEC, ALLM & VRR | ISF Certified (15m/50ft)

CAB-HAOC-FRL-15 – 15m 8K and high framerate 4K HDR up to 48Gbps and new HDR standards such as SL-HDR1 and PQ are supported using the latest optical transmission technology. Additionally they offer a unique feature set in both delivering uncompressed HDMI content and compatibility with emerging HDMI technologies such as ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) & VRR (Variable Refresh Rate).




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