Control4 PoE video-ovikello, musta

Product number: C4-VDB-E-BL

Control4® Chime Video Doorbell, PoE (Black Nickel). 5MP HD camera with 180-degree field of view. Five customizable motion zones with sensitivity control. Stores seven days of event recordings in the cloud.

C4-VDB-E-BL – Chime is the first video doorbell designed for the Control4 smart home. Chime allows homeowners to see and talk to visitors while controlling the most important smart home features. Customers can see and hear who’s at the door through the Control4 mobile app or touchscreen, and a 5MP camera with a 180-degree field of view ensures every inch of the property is covered in crystal-clear HD. Using Composer Pro, you can configure five adjustable motion zones, keeping your customer’s most critical areas protected.

Chime also features sensitivity controls to avoid unwanted notifications caused by faraway traffic or passersby. You can trigger a snapshot notification when someone arrives on the porch, or simply set Chime to begin recording without a notification when there’s movement in the yard. For additional peace of mind, Chime stores seven days of recordings in the cloud for playback.

PoE powered black model.





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