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Product number: NHD-500-IW-TX

The NHD-500-IW-TX brings versatility to your AV over IP applications. This 2-gang in-wall 500 series encoder features HDMI and USB-C switching inputs suited for connecting today’s modern laptops and tablets. Perfect for education or corporate environments, install this encoder in a wall, table, desk, podium or anywhere a remote input is needed. Integrated USB extension allows laptops to also connect to peripheral components such as conference cameras, smartboards/touchscreens and more.

NHD-500-IW-TX key features:

SWITCHING INPUTS – HDMI and USB-C inputs support the latest laptops and mobile devices, with Auto Switching or Manual switching modes. Whether using a Windows PC, Apple MacBook, or an iPad, you’ll be able to transmit video without needing to fumble with converters or adapters. The USB-C connection supports alt-mode capable of both video and data connection to a computer.

USB EXTENSION – Whether using the USB-C connection or HDMI with the USB A-C, connected computers can access remote USB peripherals connected to the NetworkHD system all without needing extra components. In a corporate application this can be a remote conference camera or in education a smartboard or touchscreen.

COMPACT DESIGN – The simplistic white decora plate and small 2-gang size allows the encoder to be installed and blend in to a number of different environments. The front of the encoder isn’t crowded with unnecessary connections and the support for PoE means you don’t need to run extra cables through the wall.

ECOSYSTEM – The NHD-500-IW-TX is just one of many models within the NetworkHD 500 series. Mix and match different models to tailor your system to your requirements. All of which are controlled and maintained by the NHD-CTL-PRO controller.



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