NetworkHD 4K60 4:4:4 10Gb SDVoE lähetin

Product number: NHD-600-TRXF

The NHD-600-TRXF is a SDVoE fiber transceiver capable of lossless & latency-free 4K60 over a 10Gb network. The TRXF allows you to transmit and receive A/V simultaneous through a single device or be programmed to act as a dedicated TX or RX. The SFP+ connector supports up to 300m (984ft), 10Gbps transmission distance for extremely long reach commercial applications. 3 x High-Speed USB 2.0 ports allow extension for keyboard & mouse applications and even compatibility with webcams, touchscreens, and media storage.

NHD-600-TRXF key features:

TRANSCEIVER – One model to rule them all! As a transceiver the TRXF can transmit and receive up to 4K60 video simultaneously. You can even pick and choose how the device works by allowing it to be a native transceiver, or fixed as a dedicated encoder or decoder.

USB – The TRXF features both a USB host and 3x devices ports. The highspeed chipset allows full USB 2.0 480Mbps data rates ensuring compatibility with practically any peripheral you plug in. Genlock mode allows for a latency-free experience, ideal for interactive USB devices such as a keyboard/mouse, touchscreen or webcams.

FIBER – Equipped with an SFP+ connector, transmit or receive 4K60 video up to 300m (984ft) with zero latency and lossless video using OM3 multi-mode fiber. Fiber also offers the benefit of being immune to EMI which is perfect for extremely long cable runs.

VIDEO WALL & MULTIVIEW – The TRXF integrates powerful video wall and multiview processing via one device. Create captivating videos up to 8×8 in size with the ability to adjust for bezels. Or create compelling picture in picture layouts that support up to 16 windows with full control over window placement and size.


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