NetworkHD 400 sarjan uppoasennettava lähetin, USB (KVM)

Product number: NHD-400-TX-IW

4K HDR JPEG 2000 PoE Wall-Mounted/Desk Mounted Encoder for Matrix & Video Wall function with USB Connectivity and VGA autoswitch

The NHD-400-TX-IW streaming encoder offers stunning 4K HDR video, multichannel audio support and 4K/2K scaling to seamlessly handle mixed resolution HDMI or VGA sources for matrix and video wall functionality. Featuring incredibly low latency, the 400 Series is the ideal AV over IP solution for systems where high quality and low delay are key requirements, making it perfect for demanding commercial applications.

The NHD-400TX-IW JPEG 2000 encoder is intended for use with 400 Series JPEG 2000 decoders (sold separately) to provide a complete end-to-end video distribution system. When used in conjunction with the NHD-000-CTL system controller complete control integration is simple.



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